Sunday, April 5, 2009


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This is one of a billion hazard came from Women?

Please take note gentlemen. Women is define as metane. As a matter of fact, please be alert when dealing with METANE coz it will be easily explose if mixing with Women/Gurls/Ladies
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I think this topic is quite intresting for most of us. .
Why THEY as metane?
When are this METANE going to explose?
How should we handle this METANE?
Where did we find most of this METANE?
Any safety TIPS Guys?

Can you take a moment to leave me a suggestion?
Any Safety and Health Officer here??
Ahaks hopefully you will. .
Anyway have a nice weekend guys..

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Hananeechan said...

nasihat : jadi gay jela weyh. senang.

MuNiR said...

he he cabul sungguh mulut tuan hamba!
Apa igt patik tdesak sangaat?
Cis, pantang keturunan patik melihat komen sebegini ha ha. .

Hananeechan said...

hahaha. tak betul ke nasihat tu?
da pompuan byk karenah, susah nak jaga, ape sume kan..jadi gay sudeyh..setel.hikhik..

MuNiR said...

he he ye cik fatin. .
ak redha. . ha3
actually ak tujukan posting nie kt somebody. .
dgn arapan harapan supaye die xgarang ngn kwn2 :P~~~