Sunday, April 12, 2009

My new template definition

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By heidiz

Finally, I make a decision to fully change my template and background colour to simple but professional look. The main things is my new page is not colourful :P~ I think within this age I prefer to be more mature because that's make me feel confidence and that's I am! Awesome!!

My target is to achieve 200 Visitor, 20 Follower and 30 comments within this week.

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As you can see, I'm still using 3 column template (My Fav) but this time it comes with different sizes between each column and features. Futhermore, all my sidebar includes with what so called as boxes. Hurmm. . as a result I think it might be more tidy that my previous page. Thanks to Along (my sifu/my new friend) for the advice.

I get a from my old friends, Fatin saying that my existing thread which I copy from seem like i'm the writer. It may confusing other readers since the writer of the thread saying that he's married but I'm not. So I make some changes on that thread and hopefully there will be no confusion.

I've disable my auto start music as it will slow connection to view my page. If you wish, you can just click play button on the right bar manually. Coming soon i'll add more genre and hopefully it's works [ Check It Out ]

Since I got many complain about my posting language, this time I'm trying to mix bahasa and english. Hopefully you guys feel comfortable with this. I think the main point of all the changes is I'm going change my style of writing. Since the readers could be one of my collegue/buddy/outsider so i prefer to write in professional style.

It would be a BONUS for me if you guys can left some comments on my page. It's doesn't matter whether good or bad one. Overall thanks for reading my thread. My next thread is in bahasa and it's about "JOBS OPPORTUNITY".

Hey, I want create one poll so I can make a survey and get an opinion from you all. Feel free to help me okay!

I repeat, my target is to achieve 200 Visitor, 20 Follower and 30 comments within this week :))~~

Have a nice weekend.

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