Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Credit to my family, my senior and all fellow friends

I juz wanna say what I have to say right here. First of all, thats to allah that giving me an opportunities in my life. Allah maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang. Without YOU i can't be what i'm now.

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Thanks to Ibu who give me a birth and taking care of me since i was born. . You're just a great women. . Hey i really mean it :)) No words can i define how much i loved u mom!

And not forget, my father. .Abah, sorry. . sometimes im being too rude to you but I never show it if n it doesn't mean I didn't luv you. . although we have different opinion, different thinking and no matter how bad you are, you still my father. . who is taking care of me. . everybody do mistakes and we cant change the truth. . Im sorry to both of you, sometimes i'm not good enough to be your son.

I really appreciate and thankful all my senior Mr Raymond, Mr Alvin, Mr Eric, Mr Farkrulradzi. . You guys juz great!! Thanks for helping me to improve all my working skills. . I want to credit to all of your here because I think you all such a good teacher!

In this hard time, it's hard to find FRIENDS, i'm too lucky to have a best friends. Endi, thanks for your trust. . You help me a lot dude. Its hard to find any friends like you. Only you and i know that rite?? he he but we both are not GAYBOY okay! ha ha ha

Pen, hey. . You're my best cousin I ever had dude. Azli, you know I likes making friend that older than me rite? To Kak Sit, I don't have any sis, but you make me feel like I have it now. . Thanks for your advice. . You two juz a great couple :) Dian. . what to say. . Million thanks to you!! Only that I can say. Cipom and Black thanks for all your help and support me. Yeah yeah I'm doing good now.

For those name that I forget to state here, don't worry you all still in my heart buddies. .


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din dang said...

slow2 bro..pelan2 kayuh..xlama lagi jadi la gay boy..huhuu..cari la awek munir!!haha..kawin terus!!