Saturday, May 24, 2008

How do we get over an ex whom we still in love with?

There's no best way to get over an ex. The healing process takes its own course. i suggest you not to force your heart to move past your ex. coz if you do, you will realise that you don't have ultimate control over your heart and mind.

When i broke up with my ex, i wanted to move on instantly, and forced my mind, but this made my situation worse. i went crazy by trying to control and stop thinking about him. But i realised that forgeting and letting go is somethin beyond my control.

So i decided to accept all the feelings and thoughts as they are. everytime i accepted feelings, i was deeply hurt, journey of walking past my ex was extremely painful, but this pain was better than avoiding or controlling feelings.

Best thing to do is to go where your mind takes, this will cause plenty of pain, until one day that your tears will become sweet than bitter. i didnt take any short cuts to avoid pain as i know its impossible. let your pain flow as tears. bring it all out, dont preserve anything inside, let it flow.

Learn the art of accepting pain willingly. One day you will find yourself relieved and detached from your ex's strings coz all the feelings are out of your heart and mind, they will no longer exist inside to hurt or threaten you in anyway. try to engage yourself in activities that fascinate you. hobbies or sports somethin that may help you forget about love and dating.

I tried what i typed above, which hurt a lot in the beginning of the process, but now that i have nothin left inside to hurt, everything flew as a river in the form of tears, i feel so relieved and peaceful. i am no more attached to my ex. i am free. i am extremely happy. Good luck!

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