Monday, May 26, 2008

Can you all know whut is the meaning by this?

Tut tut. . tut tut. .
Raymond : Hey Munir, How do u do?
Munir : Yeah, Fine.
Raymond : Sorry last week i've been going to China. Dont you have my maxis number?
Munir : Nope.
Raymond : So, did you get your offer lettter?
Munir : Nope, Im still waiting :-)
Raymond : Well, I tought my HR call you already.
Munir : Actually i've been waiting every day last week (laugh)
Raymond : I think my Country Manager have sign your offer letter. I'll call you back in 15 minutes

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15 minutes Later

Raymond : Munir, my HR said your offer letter didnt issue yet. But conferm you get this job.
Munir : Ic, nevermind then. So when can i start?
Raymond : By 2nd of June. I've told my boss. I'll follow up your offer letter then.
Munir : Ok, so i want to submit my resignation letter this evening.
Raymond : I think better you wait for your offer letter first la.
Munir : But i must noticed at least one week for my post now. .
Can we meet after office hour tomorrow? Its about public mutual.
Raymond : Ok2, so see you tomorrow then.
Munir : Ok bye2

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